Get clean.


Or even at home...

Little people tend to have a real knack of staying messy

As parents of more than six children between us, the founders of Equip know the difficulties of getting, never mind staying clean! We developed the Equip Oversized wipe as a practical solution to getting clean anywhere. In all honesty we now really can't live without them!

Ang, Bryn & Ian


Also available - Protective Wipes

6-in-1 formulation for your most private places

A It's good to be Equip'd! When your skin is clean, fresh and protected, you feel healthier. For some of us, continence care is essential in order to protect skin integrity and maintain well-being.



Why are they oversized? So they can help get more of you cleaner, quicker! The large surface area makes it easier to get around your body for a soothing, just showered feeling.

With a blend of coconut extract, aloe vera and Karanja nut…

And because they’re grown-up wipes, it means you use fewer sheets.

Dermatologically tested and pH balanced, so they’re mild and kind to skin.

Go big or go home

The wipe to end all wipes...

Baby wipes are for babies. Equip wipes are for big people, busy people, sweaty people, dirty people, small people. Whatever the occasion, our wipes wont let you down!